PragueCon 2018 will be cashless!

PragueCon will be a cashless event where cashless payment technology using RFID wristbands will be used. .

What are the benefits of cashless payments for me?

The cashless payment technology has numerous benefits, such as::

  • Faster payment processing
  • Reduced waiting times and shorter queues
  • Comfort – you do not have to carry your wallet and deal with change
  • Savings of time due to the possibility of on-line top-ups and automatic top-ups – you do not have to search for an ATM
  • Safety – you do not have to worry that your wallet could be stolen
  • In short, better experience from the event

How can I get the cashless wristband?

Your ticket will be exchanged for the wristband, containing the RFID chip, at the main entry. The check of the chip on the bank upon tapping on the reader at the main entry gate entitles you for an entry to the Výstaviště site; similarly, it is necessary to check out when you are leaving the site.

The use of the cashless wristband is subject to similar rules as traditional ticket bands. For this reason, do not remove the wristband once you wear it, it contains a safety seal that will be automatically destroyed if you try to loosen it and the wristband will be damaged. You will find two codes on the back of the wristband. These codes are used to match the wristband to the cashless account. .

What is the cashless wristband and how does it work?

Cashless payment systems work similarly as credit, debit or transit cards. You will use your wristband as your identifier and concurrently as a digital wallet for purchases at the event, only by tapping of your wristband on the reader.

Each visitor well be able to set up his/her cashless account before the start of the event, administer the account, top-up credit online or block the wristband when lost or stolen and prevent a misuse of funds on the account. It will be possible to top up the funds at Top Up stalls in the area, either using your card or in cash.

The balance on your account will be displayed upon each purchase, you can also check the balance using the readers of wristbands that are installed in Customer Services and TOP UP stations. If you have registered the wristband on your on-line account, you can check the balance there. If you do not use all the funds, we will return the unused credit to your account after an on-line registration.

How to set up a cashless account?

A registration website will be launched in the first week of September on which you can create your cashless account. In your account you can administer completed transactions, interconnect the account with the ticket or the wristband, add funds to your account online or apply for the refund of amounts toped up at the event in cash or by card after the end of the event. The cashless account website is also accessible from mobile devices, i.e. you can administer your account directly at the event. .

Why do I have to set up an account and interconnect it with the wristband?

The creation of the account and registration of the wristband is not obligatory, we understand that you want to stay incognito. However, if anonymity is not your priority, the creation of the account and interconnection with the wristband will provide you with access to numerous on-line benefits. You can easily add funds to your account before the event, you can keep track of your purchases at the event and we will automatically refund you the unused credit. .

I don’t have the wristband yet, may I already set up an account?

Yes, it is possible. If you set up your account before the event, you will need your ticket, or rather its bar code. If you are already attending the event and you are wearing the wristband on your wrist, use the two unique codes on the back of the wristband for interconnection. .

How do I get credit?

You can set up an account that you will interconnect with the wristband. You can also buy credit on the spot, at one of our numerous Top Up stations. Do not forget that the credit that you do not spend at the event will be refunded to you within 14 days after the end of the event. You need to register on-line for the refund. .

Where can I use the credit on the chip for payments?

All purchases at the event may be paid only by the credit on the band chip. You can use it to pay at all stalls, i.e. for food, drinks, souvenirs and other products sold at the event.

How is this system secured?

All data are encrypted with the minimum of 256 bits. No information is saved in the wristband. If you lose the wristband or if it is stolen from you, you can simply log-in to your account through mobile application and click on “Deactivate”. Or you can visit the Customer Service where your wristband will be immediately deactivated, and you will receive a new one.

I purchase several tickets; do I have to set up an account for each of them?

If you bought several tickets and you do not want to share your credit with other people in the group, it is necessary for them to create their own accounts. Before setting up your account, do not forget to give the ticket/wristband to everyone in the group. This will ensure that all accounts (with topped-up credit) at the event will be interconnected with corresponding wristbands. .

May I interconnect several wristbands with one account?

Certainly. You add credit to your account rather than to your wristband. Imagine that you are buying a house and giving keys to the house to your friends. By interconnecting several wristbands (keys) with your account you allow access to the account to (to the house) to all of them. For example, a joint account for a family works similarly. .

May I share the wristband with a friend?

No, every chip (tag) is allocated only to one visitor. In addition, shared payments, i.e. “going halfsies” with a friend, is not possible.

I lost my wristband which was not registered, and I did not set up an account. What will happen with my credit? How do I get a replacement wristband?

If you did not set up an account and did not interconnect it with the wristband, we are sorry, but we cannot refund your credit. You can get a new wristband at the Customer Service stall. You will need a proof of ticket purchase and a valid identity card. If the ticket was purchased by someone else than you, he/she will have to come to the stand together with you, show the proof of purchase and a valid identity card. Replacement wristbands will be handed over at the discretion of the Customer Service representative. .

To avoid similar inconveniences, we recommend setting up an account and interconnecting it with the wristband before the visit of PragueCon.